1) How long will Copperbed last.

Applied correctly Copperbed will stay on coated surfaces for 10 plus years. After that time it can be re treated following the standard application instructions.

2) Is Copperbed safe for Children and Pets?

Once applied and cured Copperbed is safe to children and pets, it forms a very strong and durable copper layer. Copperbed is also safe during application providing the instructions are followed.

3) How long will it take for the Verdigris effect to manifest itself?

This will depend on the surface being coated and the weathering conditions. On some surfaces, where rain drips off plants onto the copper the effect can be seen within weeks. In other situations it may take months. The same would be true for any copper surface exposed to the elements.

4) How do I use Copperbed to protect from Slugs?

Slugs don’t like crawling over copper. So you need to present them with a significant area to crawl over if they are to get to your plants!

We suggest a band of 200mm around the top of a raised bed is practical . With large terracotta pots we would recommend a band of 30mm at the base of the pot and then another 30 - 40mm band at the top of the pot. See examples on the web site.

Don’t forget to make sure there are no slugs already in your raised beds or pots before you apply your Copperbed sides - you will be effectively imprisoning them once the Copperbed is applied. Use slug pellets or biological Nemaslug to remove them if necessary!

5) Do I need to use a "Primer"

If the surface you are coating is porous, eg terracotta it is best practice to apply one or two primer coats prior to the full Copperbed product. The Primer is the resin and hardener applied alone without the copper. This is done to seal the material and so leave the maximum amount of copper exposed on the surface.

You can order Primer packs - ie just the resin and hardener without the copper.

6) Can I treat existing Raised Beds?

You can but the sides would need to be dry.

Ideally take off the top planks, dry them in your garage by placing a piece of timber between the stack of sides to allow air to move between the planks. When dry roughly sand the surface to be coated and apply Copperbed. A primer coat would be ideal if the wood is particularly porous, ie softwood.

7) Can I treat "treated timber" which may be damp when I buy it?

Yes you can providing you take steps to dry it before application. Just follow the instructions above as per treating old raised beds FAQ no 6 above.